Compare Data on Stroke Burden

SAFE commissioned the Burden of Stroke study to show each EU country where it stands compared to others in terms of the stroke burden and how well it is meeting the need for acute and follow-up care, including examples of good practice. The Burden of Stroke in Europe research shows shocking disparities between and within countries along the entire stroke care pathway!

Click here to get comparisons between any two EU countries in terms of stroke burden.

Europe-wide comparisons of stroke and stroke care are vital to help each country prevent stroke and provide better care and support for everyone affected by stroke. To make accurate comparisons between different countries, populations and health systems we need agreed and coordinated Europe-wide data collection. Therefore, European policy-makers, in particular the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre, should support and promote the use of a robust Europe-wide stroke register to assess quality of care along the whole stroke pathway.

Report Launched in EU Parliament

Brussels, May 11th 2017: Stroke Alliance for Europe launched today a long -awaited, comprehensive overview of stroke care pathway across Europe. In front of dozens of members of EU Parliament, Jon Barrick, the President of SAFE and Valeria Caso, the President of European Stroke Organisation, jointly presented key findings from the research performed by King’s College London simultaneously in 35 European countries. Read more

Wach the Video: Interview with Prof. Bo Norving and Markus Wagner, VP of SAFE, on the Burden of Stroke Report